About Us

CEO – Kshitij Singh | Utkarsh Sharma

Both the guys are founder of Crackout.in . They are currently persuing graduation and are students of CS 3rd year .

They take keen interest in Tech Things and have keen knowledge about blogging and running websites . They are great Geeks indeed ..!!

Crackout.in was basically founded on 10 November 2014 . It went through several moderations and gone through different phases over different topics .

Moderation were as follows ::

  1. First of all it was a tricky blog that emphasised on Hacking tricks and techniques .
  2. Due to Adsense issue it got changed to A tech blog in a few months .
  3. Then it got composed of humourous and funny issues which were quite general but no one noticed .
  4. Due to lack of interest we changed into Android app and Apk providing blog . It went succesful though .
  5. Currently we are here .

No isssues of ads and profit making now as we gonna follow our passion now .

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